Jabalah turns 3

Muslims we don’t celebrate birthdays in fact everyday is a birthday. Every day is special. Today I want to be that parent that doesn’t something extremely special for my now three year old who is very mature for her age.



This Full moon weeks leading up to this something changed

The full moon came through

It allowed me to be lazier than usual,

Sometimes you have to slow down in order to speed up.

You have to still continue to get things done

I’m fighting a battle that nobody knows nothing about.

Manifesting Marriage, break ups

Out there in the world. It’s just one day at a time



It starts in real time, a Monday, the night I would play positive affirmations and get ready to open the new journey of my life.

The portal open. Really love spiritually and physically,

Great Abundance and financial freedoms.

My Body different, it had been months since I had been in my home with my food, with my dishes, with people feeling like I owed this something. I’m embracing because I knew the children and I would be leaving soon.

My presence people would blurt our about phones, frustration of individuals staying on top of each other.

It had been a week and my canvassing partner had been murdered, it baffled me and I couldn’t understand why.


Review: Mercedes-Benz Deals

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The 2020 GLE 350 4Matic is pricier, but it’s been fully redesigned and now sits near the top of the competitive luxury midsize SUV segment. This Mercedes-Benz GLE lease requires $5,133 at signing and monthly payments of $689 for three years. Consider upgrading in size to the three-row 2019 GLS 450 4Matic if you have a growing family. This month, Mercedes-Benz GLS leases start at $749 a month for three years with $6,943 due at signing.

There aren’t any Mercedes-Benz G-Class lease deals advertised this month.

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10 ways to be aware

I often think about my day to day life journey and how it has my family and my blogs.

1. I started to teach my children by the things that were around us and having gratitude in all things

2. Be aware

3. Trust yourself, Love Unconditionally












Helen Marie

I started singing in “The Specials” a kids choir in church at the age of 7. Sang in the teen choir, young adult choir, the mass choir and then in college, Melody of Praise Ensemble before co-founding a all girl trio called Lyrical Souljahs with my friends. In school I was always active on campus but it was my 7th grade teacher Ms. Diane Moore who first discovered my ability to be a soloist when she overheard me singing in the hallways one day after school and asked me to come into her class and sing for her. After hearing my voice, she told me “You Are A Star” and then she had me come and practice everyday for weeks to sing in the 7th grade talent show. I sung ”For You I Will” by Monica and won! From then on I have been singing on stages all around the country and even in Paris.

BET Centric

Teacher Nelly School

Jazz Festival

Essence Festival

Brooklyn Bazaar

Ghetto Metal


Children art posts:

Cleaning out my storage and these unicorn glammed out Indigos walked by. SO grateful for such brilliantly beautiful souls showing up just as I uttered “what am I going to do with my art & these dolls from Essence Fest?”. It was just so synchronistic! I LOVE when all of the universe aligns to answer your request. When all of creation smiles upon you and delivers exactly what you need. As an artist, I NEEDED to see that look of pure excited when they gladly replied “Yes” to free dolls and artwork. (No shade to technology. The purist in me just enjoys the preservation of music, art, design, style and beauty…& sometimes technology gets in the way of that.) To see their eyes light up in appreciation for art especially, increased the value of each painting, every dollar, and time spent to make it all happen. You never know why you do certain things or if it even matters, all you know is you did it, will do it, do it now, & only here do you begin to know how to BE. 🔻⚫️🔺


Conspiracy of Credit

In 2016, pregnant with my daughter my cousin had figured out what it takes to game financial freedom in the United States

All I could think about today was clearing my name,

I had to book rentals

I started paying for credit repair.

I paid a few people that were close to me to keep that line of communication opened.

Conspiracy of Credit gives you financial literacy in more than a nutshell.

It teaches you how to outsmart the credit bureaus. Corey teaches you how to invest in real estate.

Corey p Smith is the best in the game.

Corey P Smith#150BookChallenge





Daylight Savings in the U.S.

Visiting Mujahideen

Being clear about things

Trying to rent a car, trying not lock the children’s dad up or press charges because of unfortunate circumstances of physical abuse over lies.

It looked different

It felt different we all wanted to change. I still could not wrap my head around the idea of him being a horrible person or even a narcissistic individual.

The truth was all the things O

It’s Dark outside

“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.” Robby Novak

Butter them up

Put some butter on that biscuit.

It helps in Business


Take time out to show an act of kindness.

Someone made me feel like some body so I felt like it was an act of kindness just to return the favor.

It made me feel good, it made me feel, strong, it made me feel important, everybody want to feel like their apart of something.

Who: Today I helped baby sit my cousins. As well as my sister, my own children and nieces and nephews.

I thought a lot in my head about where I wanted to be and who I wanted to be.

Remembering I was still youthful and full of energy.

The month of November is dedicated to peacefulness with the quote of “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.” Robby Novak.

The quote may have been used before:

Robby Novak is (born January 26, 2004) is an American personality best known for portraying Kid President on YouTube and on television.[1] He is featured in a series of YouTube videos and in a television show, produced by actor Rainn Wilson, and SoulPancake. Novak’s first YouTube clip as Kid President, written and directed by his brother-in-law Brad Montague, was uploaded in the summer of 2012 and subsequently published on SoulPancake’s YouTube channel in October of 2012.[2] Novak was featured in a television show on Hub Network called Kid President: Declaration of Awesome in the summer of 2014.[3][4]In October of 2019, the first episode of a new YouTube series titled Are We There Yet? was uploaded on SoulPancake’s YouTube channel.[5] The series will show Novak and Montague’s trip around the United States in which they meet children who are trying to “make the world a little more awesome”.[6][5]

Novak has osteogenesis imperfecta, which makes him susceptible to bone damage. Because of his condition, he has had physical challenges.[7][8][9][10][11] His brother-in-law, Brad Montague, created the Kid President character and wrote each episode of the series.